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Australia’s Exclusive Zelda 3DS bundle from EB Games

Posted by playa271 , in Personal Life, Videogames 14 November 2011 · 1,887 views

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"very deceiving"

For those who do know me – I’m very rarely the one to buy from EB online or in store. But this called for desperate measures; seeing as it was the only worthy deal, let alone bundle going around. The EB bundle was even under the recommended retail price of $69.95. Other local retailers both online and off were only selling the game standalone at the rough $59 mark. So you can see that paying close to $10 more from the general fray of retailers; it sure was a damn good deal. On the contrary, I believe EB’s exclusive deal with Nintendo obviously helped with selling the game.

Speaking of bundle deals, Greece had the most value for money deal. As stated on legendzelda.net, “Nintendo of Greece announced that gamers who reserve a copy of Ocarina of Time 3DS will be able to get one of a variety of gifts. Included in this list of goodies are Deku Tree Seeds (actually Acacia seeds), a 3DS pouch, a hat, a key chain, and more.” Too bad I couldn’t get my hands on that.

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"Greece know where it's at"

And if you ever wanted to see surreal bundles and/or future deals, we’d have to teleport to fake land; where you’d salivate all over these.

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"ultimate fan service"

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"ultra supercalifragilisticious"

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"Just a dream or soon to be reality?"

Anyway, I went down to pick up my copy of the bundled game and I usually tend to find that when you go for an exclusive deal where you get a figure or replica, it’s most likely given to you as a dog’s breakfast. Surprisingly when I got home to check it all out it wasn’t too bad. Yes the packaging looked like it was half-assed constructed by an Amish Minimalist - seriously bare bones.

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"Hidden Amish EB sweat shop factories"

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"Boxxy ain't got nothin' on this box"

But the Ocarina replica and accompanying music sheets felt higher end than just cheap knock-off goods. To be fair the Ocarina wasn’t anywhere near porcelain-like quality that you’d want it to be but good nonetheless.

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"flappity flap flaps"

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"Here's what you're playing paying for!"

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"the smex"

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"101 ways to play with it but blowing into it ain't one ;)"

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"press Down, R, Up, L, Y, B"

The actual game wasn’t sealed, but that’s Nintendo for you. At least everything was intact despite it roaming free like having your balls catching some air while going commando.

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I didn’t have enough of a play with the Ocarina, but from the few puffs and blows here and there, you could tell it was actually playable. You do need a bit of practice with finger placement otherwise you’ll end up like a broken Bill Crosby record where he repeatedly says “Pokémon”.

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"anus face"

So there you have it, EB’s Exclusive Zelda 3DS Bundle. Now to slay Ganondorf and save Hyrule...or I could just f*ck that and go around pissing off chickens.

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"coo coo ka choooooooo"

For those of you who bought the bundle...What did you think of it? Worthy buy? Or did you settle for less or better yet, get that elusive Greece-monkey of a deal?

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