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1 2 3... which save files do you use?

Posted by playa271 , in Videogames 23 February 2011 · 657 views

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Having two other brothers (later one more), the older one being significantly older – he would always have the first save file. Therefore I would take second, and my younger brother, third.

It was obvious that this would follow suit because of the order of age. We didn’t mind or ever considered breaking this new found rule among the save files.

So it was pretty tight in terms of space to save back in the day as it was usually a one way affair or none at all. You were lucky enough to only even be given one file and that was it. No chance of second saves for particular reasons. This was unfortunately the way throughout most of the nes and snes life. That being said there were those games with password save states and what not.

Faxanadu was an epic game. It reminded me of the same epic proportions liken to The Legend of Zelda. The saves in this game were based on coded passwords, basically placing you where you were last seen with whatever inventory you had. I have fond memories of playing this game in cooperation with my younger brother.

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"Seriously a great game"

The release of Pokemon Red and Blue saw somewhat of a burden to most brother and sister gamers. Everyone knows, even to this day there has only been one save file.

My younger brother got both versions for Christmas. Because they were more expensive, I on the other hand got three games; super Mario deluxe, Shadow Gate and Wario Land II.

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"Too lazy to get them out, so I just moved a slab of games to show I have them"

Cutting the story short (another story for another time) we did not know that red and blue were technically the same game. But before we knew this, I could only “test drive” his red version since saving would save over his already saved quest.

We finally understood why there was only 1 save file – because it’s so damn addictive that you needed your own copy!

Now, special mentions in regards for the hardcore games without any save states whatsoever, to name a few:

  • Mario Bros. 3
  • Battletoads
  • Double Dragon III

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"Some of my nes collection, couldn't seem to find my SMB3 :o"

These games had to literally be completed in one sitting (if you were good enough) otherwise you would leave the nes running for days, even weeks. Let’s just say that the power supply sure got a workout.

Bringing on the PSX and N64 era of gaming, games finally weren’t necessarily locked to 1, 2 or 3 save states. Memory cards were the new way of keeping records of individuals.

That being said, it didn’t stop the 1, 2 and 3 being amped to 4 etc.

Final Fantasy VII and VIII on the PSX were notorious for the abundance of save states you had to make.

My brother would have up to 20 on his memory card. The many reasons lead mainly to pre-save boss battles and pre-tough situations. My favourites were for the checkpoints, making sure you got everything important within an area before moving on, since disc changing didn’t let you go back to said events – GFs anyone?

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"except just imagine 20 more save states"

In terms of deleting files; GoldenEye 64 known for its passport like save files (not to mention 4 of them), had one of the worst systems in order to erase a file. It was way too easy!! My youngest brother was the culprit of erasing files in that game.

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"The godfather of revolutionizing FPSs for consoles"

He was only three years old and loved the game. He would have erased my file 4 times!!! To be precise, those 4 erased files were 100% complete with every cheat unlocked and beaten in 00 Agent mode (that included the last 2 extra levels, Aztec and Egypt).

I remember one time having my file duplicated on all four save files (there was a time when no other brother of mine would play it), yet he still managed to hit the “erase” icon and choose the files.

Even though that’s a given facepalm, looking back now, I didn’t mind because it was an incentive and enjoyment to re-test my skill and whether or not I still had it as a gamer – which I still do ;)

Banjo-kazooie had a similar problem to GoldenEye with easy to erase files. Though I wanted to specifically address it’s save file aesthetics.

Each file had its own theme. The first save file had banjo and kazooie cooking on a stove, while no.2 had banjo knitting in a comfy arm chair. Now wait for it…no.3 had banjo playing an original gameboy!!! How cool was that! My oldest brother didn’t give a crap, so he chose the first file as always. But my younger brother and I fought like rabid dogs for it. But I gave in and let him have it.

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"freaking Gameboy sounds and all!!"

Present Day

I finally am not held to that saving file system I once had with my brothers. We grew up, got jobs and bought our own systems with their respective games.

So for me, my saving was now constructed most of the time in this way.

  • My primary save slot
  • For the missus*
  • Never used*

*Other wise if free, 2 and 3 were broken down to be used for all sorts of things depending on the type of game. i.e save states and perfection files.

Also, save files don’t necessarily have to be within the game. Use of SD cards and the like would mean transferring your own files across.

So weird things I’ve noticed over my life with saving files…

  • It’s a bit lonely if your saves are not accompanied by others sometimes.
  • I still sometimes feel save slot no.2 is superior
  • I can never see myself saving in the third file unless given in circumstance i.e being third oldest brother*
  • *that even said, certain games break the rule if there is a cool feature. i.e banjo Kazooie’s third save file scene.
  • It starts getting messy when certain games force you to make multiple files. i.e Final Fantasy, Heavy Rain.

To close things up, I’d like to say these famous words/statements:


“Save now, save often, save well and don’t become a victim to file deletion”.

Well, wise words to whoever said that?

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just wanted to point out that this was somewhat based off plasma's thread (I guess I may as well title it the same). That said, there have been a lot of threads that coincidently follow the same blogging ideas that I have yet to post. So just wanted to let you guys know. :)
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Feb 23 2011 09:17 PM
Having a child, I have a brief play on #1 but 'hide' my true game as #2 :thumbsup:
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Ah, the days of three save slots. I either went for the first (why not?) or the second because the symmetry of being in the middle appealed to me.
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One is usually the way for me, as you can just mash 'A' to get into action quickly and also becasue:

It’s a bit lonely if your saves are not accompanied by others sometimes.

Forever alone :(
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Feb 24 2011 04:23 PM
I was a bit hampered for time last night.. can I also add that this was a bloody fine read in both its core subject (save files), but also and equally as much for the Playa family gaming history. Top work.
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Feb 24 2011 05:24 PM
/skips post

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Feb 24 2011 05:27 PM
Also in BK on XBLA I did indeed use the GameBoy file ;)
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Feb 24 2011 05:29 PM
Also how good was Ocarino of Time, EVERY TIME YOU CLOSED THE INVENTORY YOU PRETTY MUCH SAVED THE GAME IN .5 OF A SECOND. And it made a wonderful sound.
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Feb 24 2011 06:52 PM

/skips post


I'd feel honoured if ever one of my posts/threads was blogged about in such a manner...
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