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Pokemon Cards

Posted by ambercrystal , 11 January 2011 · 514 views

Hey everyone! Recently I have been really addicted to my Pokemon cards. I am trying my hardest to complete all the subsets from HeartGold and SoulSilver. I am doing pretty well so far. I only need a few more cards from each set. However, this is the point where I begin to get frustrated.

You see, I am pretty lucky with my cards. I completed over half the HGSS Undaunted set (92 cards)with five packets of boosters. But now that I only have a few more to get I just cannot find them. They seem to cower from me while all the over confident pokemon like Zubat won't leave me alone! I am past the point of booster packs. It is less fun, but now I must resort to ebay to find the cards that I need. Perhaps I can even sell some of my doubles on there too, so that I can make some money back to buy the cards on ebay.

Oh, and the only reason that my dad lets me buy the amount of cards that I do (at least three packs a week- I can't help having such a serious addiction) is because I told him how much of an investment they would be in the future (not that I really ever intend on selling my actual collections- only the doubles that I don't need for decks). Ah the joys of being over eighteen and still living at home.

Anyway, wish me luck in my increasingly difficult hunt to collect 'em all!

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Jan 11 2011 10:56 AM
An investment? Really? He swallowed that?


I have an assload of pokecards too, went through the same phase at about the same age (pokecard resurgance that is) and one day I might get them sorted out so I can battle NinjaCatfish again. To the background music of the duel theme from the GBC game.
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Jan 11 2011 07:53 PM
I bought some bootleg cards about 6 months ago that I blogged about here, but have thought about getting a 'proper' starter set for my player 2 and myself... are there two different Series running at the moment?
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I like the artwork of Pokemon cards, but nowadays they look cheap and confusing compared to when I played with them in the 90's.
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Jan 15 2011 07:13 AM
They have definitely changed. I quite enjoy the artwork, and am working on collecting a full set of Eevee evolutions because I love them and they are pretty. The paper quality has also improved a great deal.
But I agree. With all the new Poke Powers and such it can get confusing to play.
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