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Quickfire Blog - Rapturous

Posted by ENKC , 25 May 2011 · 658 views

ENKC's non-patented Quickfire Blog
(because sometimes it's nice to not spend four months finishing things)

Cheer up, it's not the end of the world.

This is the end of the world.

If you're reading this, then you're a filthy pagan sinner like myself and would have noticed the world didn't end on May 21.

Let there be rejoicing! Let there be cake! Let us all commend ourselves on allowing our shining light of reason to have overcome the darkness of such baseless Christian fundamentalist ignorance!

But hold your horses for a minute, because this bandwagon needs to pull up. You know how this whole thing about the world ending on May 21 was set in motion by American preacher Harold Camping and his 'eBible Fellowship'?

Well, they never said that. What they did say is this:

Posted Image

And they said it here: http://www.ebiblefel...h/tracts/may21/

Now some might wish to dismiss this as a mere technicality - but in the Christian tradition, 'Judgment Day' (when rapture occurs) is not the same day as the end of the world. What, did you think the kick-arse armageddon party pitting Jesus and his posse against the Anti-Christ was going to happen AFTER the world ended?

In all seriousness, I'm deeply amused by the cosmic irony at play here. You see, everyone with internet access and nothing better to do with their time has been falling over themselves to ridicule Harold Camping and his followers for their 'illogical' and 'irrational' beliefs.

The mockery has only been stepped up a notch since in the wake of May 21 and Mr Camping 'revising' his date for the end of the world to October 21. Except that, you know, he said that all along.

Posted Image
Although he probably didn't say "Haters gonna hate."

And yet, anecdotally it appears almost none of the doubters have actually bothered to read the original source I quoted above, much less HIS original source of the Bible. I have, and the full explanation is a fascinating exercise in the human capacity to discern meaning where none exists.

So, what am I really getting at here? Well, every report I've heard thus far points to Mr Camping being genuine and sincere in his beliefs. I don't know that for a fact, but let's take it as hypothetically true and run with the argument.

Think of it as playing Devil's Advocate, however innapropriate the term may be under the cirumstances.

A man who genuinely believes that the world is coming to an end has undertaken every means at his disposal to save others from the impending threat. This he has discerned from an extensive study of Biblical texts.

On the other hand, people across the internet - many of whom have limited or negligible knowledge of Christian tradition and have not studied the Bible at length - have gone to all manner of efforts to have a joke at his expense.

Posted Image
Tony Hawk is, however, permitted to do whatever he damn well wants.

Okay, so Harold Camping's predictions are probably incorrect.

Probably no-one was raptured on May 21 - but can you prove that? What if it did and there was no-one God considered worthy of his standards? What if some were? Unexplained disappearances happen frequently.

Probably, the world won't end on October 21 - but can you prove that? The very same concept of 'science' we invoke to rebut these religious claims tells us that mass extinction events have occurred multiple times on this planet. Are you guaranteeing one won't occur on that date? Are you confident we know everything? Because science doesn't know everything yet. That's why they're constantly striving to find 'everything' out.

The bottom line is I don't have a lot of time for people who are proclaiming some kind of victory for science and cool, hard ratrionality when they haven't so much as read the source they're opposing, let alone constructed a reasoned argument of their own.

Camping may be wrong, but at least he's wrong with a structured argument and firm conviction.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to my Swedish death metal. If I crank it loud enough I might just start some earthquakes of my own.

Posted Image

Until next doomsday, peeps.


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I think part of the reason that there is so much 'interest' generated by all these doomsday theories is that people are in some way, a little bit uncertain. Lets face it, there are still a load of unknowns out there, in the world and beyond, that we are yet to explain. People can rag this stuff all they want, but at the very least, they can't deny being curious.
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lmao at the epic Tony Hawk pic and caption.

speaking of the end of the world fiasco. I remember speaking to a cleaner who was a Jehovah's Witness or whatever you call them; telling me all this stuff about the rapture and what's going to happen etc. Obviously questionable but interesting nonetheless.
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