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2011: A Best Of

Posted by GoodOrEvil , 01 January 2012 · 515 views

lol video games
Best Game of 2011 That You Probably Won't Play (That You Really Should)


Available on Steam (Windows only) and XBLA (I think). Currently $2.50 on the Steam sales. I paid $1.24 for this, and logged 7 hours in over the course of one day. It's a combination of RPG and Rhythm and, surprisingly, it works. Very addictive gameplay, and unfortunately bad (but skippable!) voice acting. If you don't at least try it I won't be your friend.

Best Game of 2011 (Story)


What can I say about Bastion that hasn't already been said? A unique way of story telling that works so well, a wonderful soundtrack and a gorgeous world make up for the somewhat cliche story and gameplay that starts to drag on by the 80% mark. You'll need to struggle through the game at about this point, but the story picks up shortly after, and at that point I just couldn't put it down until I finished. The narrator is second only to Morgan Freeman.

Best Game Of 2011 (Gameplay)

Orcs Must Die!

Step 1: Place tar traps to slow down orcs
Step 2: Place giant swimming mace on the ceiling above the tar traps
Step 3: Sit back and watch.

The gameplay is superb - I never thought that First Person Tower Defense would work so well. I can easily play this for hours without realising just how much time has passed. The only negative of the game is that the story is much like that of porn - I'm sure there is one, but that's not what I'm here for.

Biggest Time Sink of 2011

Jet Pack Joyride.

An iOS only app (sorry Android) that quickly became my game-to-play-while-waiting-for-a-game-to-load game. Maybe not the greatest choice, as there are times where I'll ignore the actual game I sat down to play in favor of Jetpack Joyride.

Best Game of 2011 That Will Also Get A Mention By Vooks

Pokemon Black/White.

Black/White is almost a reboot of the series. Game Freak took what didn't work with the previous games and fixed it - and the result is wonderful. I haven't been this engrossed with a Pokemon game since I was 6 and playing Blue.

Biggest Letdown of 2011

Dragon Age II.

It's as if Bioware took everything that made Dragon Age: Origins such a great game, and threw it out the window. I played DA:O for a week straight, but struggled to reach even the 10 hour mark of this game. Which is a pity, because I missed out on seeing Alistair again. Maybe if he appeared in the game sooner, I could have battled on.

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Jan 01 2012 04:57 PM
OMD had fantastic dialogue.
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Darth Robbo
Jan 01 2012 06:00 PM
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Disagree with Bastion dragging, I enjoyed it all the way through and it never felt like it went on too long. Awesome ending as well, depending on how you did it.
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