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Great Games You Probably Haven't Played Pt8

Posted by PlasmaDavid , 03 June 2012 · 1,117 views

domo arigato minors farting robots
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Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
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I first played this game as a result of the same "mate with stack of bali games and chipped X-Box" story found in my blog entry regarding Kingdom Under Fire.

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Throught the Fire and the Flames, what a carry on.

Metal Arms should be played by anyone who loved Jet Force Gemini, or run-n-gun platformers of any nature. It's got a Conker style sense of humor, though not nearly enough, a variety of interesting upgradeable weapons, enemy types and AIs that are challenging and entertaining to fight, meh vehicle sections, sometimes frustrating platforming, fun multiplayer including optional enemies to be fought or hacked, enough singleplayer missions with ramping difficulty that I have not finished the game yet, and generally a great level of quality.

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DEMON ROBOT, just looking for a leg up in life.

Weapons were varied along with the occasional store AI selling upgrades or powerups, there's a chaotic and fun damage system that can leave robots with dangling limbs firing wildly. You could use special grenades to disable or convert enemy soldiers, as well as jacking into an enemy from the rear. There's also boss fights and secrets galore!

But oh man those explosive radius' were deceptive. Lobbing a grenade only to be caught on the very fringe of the damage bubble and watch yourself go up in a shower of scrap. As well as the ol' "pass checkpoint with minimal ammo or a sliver of health just before a difficult section: chestnut. And who doesn't love a limitless-ammo-default weapon which is bright and bouncy?

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These guys are goons. Gotta love trashing goons.

Really, I can't think about much more to rant about this game. It was on GC, PS2 and X-Box, it's now on the 360 marketplace and I highly recommend the game.

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