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Vooks Update + Call For More Contributors

Posted by VOOK , 16 April 2013 · 1,481 views

Situation Report

We’ve been struggling here at Vooks for the past couple of months, the server we’re on just can’t hold the capacity of people who come to the site on a daily basis and it’s been a daily fight to work with the site. We’ve had to reduce the limits on the server so only a small number of people can come on...


A Good Day to Drive Hard

Posted by VOOK , 18 March 2013 · 3,253 views

My brother and I were total cops tonight, after getting off the freeway noticed we a car take off really fast with no headlights. He went a couple of K's with them off. I flashed my lights at him and he didn't get the message.

At the next intersection he sat in the middle of the two lanes with no lights on and no indicator, he was obviously...


Thoughts on Vooks doing more 'Culture' posts

Posted by VOOK , 31 July 2012 · 3,257 views

Let me get this straight first, this isn't a move to a more Kotaku type blog with crap like 'Kid shoots people it must be video games', 'Look at this sexy Figma statue' or stuff like that.

I just figure that with the lack of news at the moment, before Wii U launch and going forward there's a place on Vooks for more...


Stargate Command Mini Hands On - Hints of SG1 Future?

Posted by VOOK , 19 July 2012 · 22,148 views

So MGM just released this Stargate Command, it's free and since there isn't any new Stargate.. anything for years I picked it up.

It's nothing too brilliant, it's a interactive history guide book of Stargate set in the SGC (Stargate...


Facebook - 'Something's gone wrong. We're working to get it fixed as soon as we can.'

Posted by VOOK , 02 January 2012 · 4,999 views
sucks, and, they, are, so, rich and 1 more...
So since Christmas Day, nearly two weeks ago now I think I haven't been able to post status updates, pictures, videos or anything on Facebook. Now yeah on Christmas Day I could have been like whatever the servers getting hammered, fine.

Now it's starting to piss me off and of course submitting bug reports does nothing, Facebook has no live chat...


Vooks' Christmas Message

Posted by VOOK , 24 December 2011 · 680 views

Well folks, it's that time of year. I won't make this a long post because you're all off playing games anyway or wetting your pants in anticipation of what games you'll get tomorrow but here goes!

The team here at Vooks and myself would like to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas. We produce this site because of you all and...


Girls on our floor are complete princesses.

Posted by VOOK , 15 December 2011 · 1,945 views

The girls next door to our office (not in our company) are a constant pain in our ass, the floor has aircon on, they turn it off because its too cold. We have a server, 5 people and 5 computers in our office, the minute the air con goes off with no air or windows to open (we're on the first floor) it gets hot. It's a office, the air has to stay on...


Dear Nintendo, stop being so mean

Posted by VOOK , 12 November 2011 · 902 views

Dear Nintendo,

I was much suprised to see you using the 'old' Wii Message system for some promotion this morning. I gleefully turned on my Wii thinking maybe there would be something profound.

However all I came across was the following image and text, the body of which refers to The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword as coming out on the 18th, not...


Vooks D: New Review Score System

Posted by VOOK , 03 November 2011 · 614 views
vooks, reviews
The review system on Vooks will be changing from after our Kirby's Wii Adventure Review. On Vooks we've had a 10 scale review for as long as the sites been around. A couple of years ago we changed from that from any decimal scale (4.3, 4.7, 4.9) to just .5 increments. Unlike some websites we've learned that there's no difference between .1...


Because it's Apple Its News

Posted by VOOK , 02 November 2011 · 705 views
apple, facebook
So some idiot decided to get on his Facebook and bash his employer, he then got fired. Why is this news? Because it was Apple.

This probably happens every day around the world, people getting on their Facebook bashing their workplace, boss or acting...

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