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February 25, 2013 10:04 am

Fire Emblem: Awakening forges its way to Australia on April 20th

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The good news continues with Nintendo Australia confirming the release date for Fire Emblem: Awakening for April 20th.

The game has been receiving an outstanding reception in the US where it was released just a couple of weeks ago, it’s good to have it on the way.

In a world ruled by two mighty dragons, dark forces rise and threaten to destroy the kingdom of men. Fire Emblem: Awakening is said to be aimed at not only the hardcore fans of the series but the newcomers. If you’ve ever wanted to play a Fire Emblem game, this is the one.

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  1. Takora

    Now I just need to find out if the special edition 3DS XL is coming with it!

  2. Leiigh

    We don’t just love Nintendo Australia for the games, we love them for their press releases!

    • mikeeeey

      Nintendo Australia is the worst!
      They just pass on any sloppy second videos from Nintendo Europe and do nothing for us.
      There’s also no good club nintendo rewards and no contact email for when we have an enquiry that we don’t want to call to ask.
      Nintendo is awesome, Nintendo Australia is rubbish!

  3. cd2

    that feels so far away….

  4. Beef

    Finally, a date I can stop playing sacred stones and shadow dragon!!! Filthy it’s so late, but glad it’s finalized.

  5. Rookie

    Where is the best place to buy, looking for lowest price. #gamingonabudget

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