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Famitsu confirms more Hyrule Warriors returning characters

by James MitchellJune 24, 2014

The latest Famitsu has, as always, leaked ahead of time and four characters have been confirmed to make an appearance. Two of these characters are playable. Nintendo Everything have preliminary details from the Japanese magazine. These details are subject to change until scans surface.

Agitha, the self-proclaimed princess of bugs, has been revealed as a playable character in Hyrule Warriors. Boasting a young age of only ten years old, Agitha was the character players would have to bring golden bugs to in order to exchange items in Twilight Princess. No details were given on how she plays or her combat style. The second playable character has been revealed as simply “Lana”, and unfortunately that’s all the details we have right now. Whether it’s the blue girl on the front of the box or not has yet to be confirmed.

Additionally, and not yet confirmed playable, the Twilit Dragon Argorok will also be making an appearance. Controversial villain Zant will also make an appearance in the game.

No confirmation or details as to whether these characters will be playable has been announced yet – though the tradition of these kinds of games means that some villains may be playable in a “Dream” mode unlockable after the game is finished.

For convenience sake, we’ve included their appearances from Twilight Princess to refresh your memory.

Hyrule Warriors

More details will arrive as we get them.

Hyrule Warriors is due for release in Australia exclusively for Wii U on Saturday, September 20th later this year.


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