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February 11, 2013 8:56 am

Confirmed: The Walking Dead Survival Instinct isn’t coming to Wii U in Australia

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Australian Wii U owners are likely set again to miss out on another third party Wii U title thanks to Activision.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct will now be the second game for the console that is going to be passed over for release here in Australia. The first was the launch title 007 Legends last year.

The game was recently listed on both EB Games Australia (cache) and JB Hi-Fi’s website but is now no longer anywhere to be found. In addition the there was also a press release sent to media today, including Vooks regarding the games pre-order DLC incentives.

While it’s not uncommon for the Wii U to miss out on these incentives (we wish it wouldn’t though), the rest of the press release fails to mention the Wii U version in any capacity.

Update: Activision have confirmed the news this morning;

As with every game release, publishers decide which platforms to release based on customer demand. Unfortunately it wasn’t there for the Wii U sku on The Walking Dead.

Sadly this situation reminds us of the GameCube here in Australia. Back then it was mainly EA who wouldn’t release their games on everyone’s favourite purble oblong due to the smaller market and it appears to already be happening again with the Wii U.

Which begs the question, how bad has the Wii U sold here?

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  1. OzHuski

    Well considering 007 didn’t even make launch how can they pass judgement on sales?

    I seriously hope this isn’t the start to a trend, the Wii U is an amazing console and needs the support instead of all the damn anti-Nintendo rubbish that happens on gaming sites.

    • MysticLegacy

      Well that’s not exactly the point…it’s still going to the Wii U, just that Aussies will miss out (as we usually do on so many other things sadly).

  2. hashcheck

    Will just have to get from the UK Eshop :P and hell next Nintendo Console import a US one

  3. cd2

    Was anyone going to buy it seriously. But is a huge conscern especially since we have digital distubution now and it won’t even make this? Surely DD doesn’t cost much.

  4. Luminalace

    Wow the good news keeps rolling in. I am getting really annoyed and worried too.

  5. You’d think they could at least put these things on the Australian E-Shop, if they can’t be bothered releasing disc versions. Hell, they’ve already had the things classified, haven’t they?

    I can only assume that they’ve said there’s “no demand” based on pre-order numbers, but seriously….who actually knew this was coming? They’ve done zero marketing for it here.

    • cd2

      who pre orders anyway? there are only certain games ill pre order others I just rock up on the day. so I can go anywhere to get it.

  6. devilfish

    Was actually looking forward to this coming out, as usual did not know this was coming to the wii u until the last trailer came out last week.

  7. Matt

    Does this mean it wont even come out on the eShop?

  8. HW

    Is there some way I can contact Activision to tell them they are wrong??? I would’ve purchased this day one!

    • You could always ring the local office, see if they couldn’t organise a eShop version.

      • HW

        I think I will. This will only get worse unless people start protesting a little. I didn’t care about Rayman because at least that’s coming eventually but to not release a game at all…? That’s just disappointing.

  9. Luminalace

    The problem is that is not yet a single Activision game on the eshop. Get the UK version from ozgameshop. I may do that but I am sceptical if the game will be any good.

  10. Ganmaku

    But I wanted to play as Daryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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