Bargain Alert: Nintendo 3DS consoles $119, Wii Remote Plus $40 and more at Dick Smith

by Daniel VuckovicJanuary 1, 2013

There are a lot of sales on right now out there in retail and we’d be foolish to try and cover them all, but sometimes there’s a couple worth reporting out of the masses.

Our friends at Dick Smith are throwing a whole bunch of stock and its you who is going to benefit. The highlights include Nintendo 3DS consoles for $119, Wii Remote Plus’ for $40 each and Nunchucks for $10. Perfect price to stock up on them for the Wii U. There’s some bargains as well on the game front, with games like Super Street Fighter IV 3D going for $10 expect this to be the last you’ll see of that game, it has to be out of print by now.

We’ve listed the deals below, but to find them on the site go to the category you want and then select ‘Reduced to Clear’ from the left hand side.

Note: All of this stock has to picked up in store, hopefully your local has them still.

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS Console Lavender Pink – $119
Nintendo 3DS Console Cosmos Black – $119
Nintendo 3DS Console Flaming Red – $119
Nintendo 3DS Console Aqua Blue – $119

Super Street Fighter IV 3D – $10
Circle Pad Pro – $10

Mario Kart 7 – $40
Ocarina of Time – $40
Super Mario 3D Land – $40
Resident Evil Revelations – $40
Super Pokemon Rumble – $40
Skylanders Starter Pack – $40
Kid Icarus Uprising – $30
Tekken 3D Prime Edition – $30
Cooking Mama 4 – $30
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Shadow Wars – $30
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games – $29
Rayman Origins – $20
Rayman 3D  – $20


Nintendo Wii Remote Plus White, Black, Blue, Pink – $40
Nunchucks ($10)

The Legend Of Zelda – Skyward Sword – $50
Super Mario Galaxy 2 – $50
Donkey Kong Country Returns – $50
New Super Mario Bros Wii – $40
Mario Party 9 – $30
Kirby’s Adventure  – $30

FIFA 12 – $20
Just Dance 2  – $10
Wii Sports – $10

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