Australian Nintendo Release Dates

Below is a release date list of all games coming to the Wii U and the 3DS in Australia. The New Zealand release dates should be the same, but may change in some instances. If you’re a publisher and we’re missing your game let us know. If your eShop game has a date and is coming to Australia, do the same too please.

Note: Games with unconfirmed dates from publishers will be put on the last day of the month until confirmed. No games will be added based on speculation, these dates or release months are from the publishers themselves.


august 2015

29augAll DayWii U: Devil's Third(All Day: saturday)

september 2015

12sepAll DayWii U: Super Mario Maker(All Day: saturday)
12sepAll Dayamiibo - Classic Colour 8-Bit Mario(All Day: saturday)
12sepAll Dayamiibo - Modern Color 8-Bit Mario(All Day: saturday)
24sepAll Day3DS: Skylanders SuperChargers Racing Starter Pack (Bowser)(All Day: thursday)
24sepAll DayWii U: Skylanders SuperChargers Starter Pack (Donkey Kong)(All Day: thursday)
26sepAll Dayamiibo - Game & Watch(All Day: saturday)
26sepAll Dayamiibo - Mii Fighters (Super Smash Bros)(All Day: saturday)
26sepAll Dayamiibo - Duck Hunt(All Day: saturday)
26sepAll Dayamiibo - R.O.B.(All Day: saturday)
26sepAll Dayamiibo - Falco(All Day: saturday)
29sepAll DayWii U: LEGO Dimensions(All Day: tuesday)

october 2015

3octAll Day3DS: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Bundle(All Day: saturday)
3octAll Day3DS: Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer(All Day: saturday)
20octAll DayWii U: Guitar Hero Live(All Day: tuesday)

november 2015

30novAll DayWii U: Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash (Tentative Date)(All Day: monday)
30novAll DayWii U: Disney Infinity 3.0 (Tentative Date)(All Day: monday)
30novAll DayWii U: Star Fox Zero (Tentative Date)(All Day: monday)
30novAll DayWii U: Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival Bundle (Tentative Date)(All Day: monday)
30novAll Day3DS: Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (Tentative Date)(All Day: monday)
30novAll Day3DS: Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash amiibo Bundle (tentative date)(All Day: monday)

december 2015

5decAll DayWii U: Xenoblade Chronicles X(All Day: saturday)