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April 16, 2013 8:49 pm

Australian Classification Board Rates Unknown Tekken Revolution

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The Australian Classifications board has recently added a new listing for a game called Tekken Revolution. It’s a game yet to be announced by publisher Namco Bandai Games, could this be a new entry in the series for Wii U or possibly 3DS?

Wii U has already been graced by the fighting series with last year’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and if Tekken Revolution is indeed a multi platform or next-gen title, it’s not too far fetched that we may see a release on Wii U.

It has also been previously announced that a 3DS version of Tekken is already in the works by Namco, so there is a possibility that it might actually be a new entry for the handheld.

A new Nintendo Direct set to focus on 3DS airs tomorrow, so we may see an official announcement soon.

Via: AusVGClassification

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